Wednesday, May 23, 2012

President Obasanjo Speaks on Corruption

“Integrity is necessary for systems and institutions to be strong. Today, rogues, armed robbers are in the state Houses of Assembly and the National Assembly. What sort of laws will they make?
“The judiciary is also corrupt. During my tenure, many of the corrupt judges were removed, some are still there.
“If the Judiciary becomes corrupt, where is the hope for the nation? Justice, no doubt, will go to the highest bidder. The judiciary did not see anything wrong with a former governor but the same set of evidence was used to sentence him in the United Kingdom.
“The police are even worse. Well, I will not lament; I will only say, ‘let us understand our problems and emphasise the good ones.”

-ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo speaking at a conference titled: “Strong Systems: Necessity for Building a Virile Nation.”

Hmmmmm....... It's funny how we are quick to condemn what we once defended!

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