Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Selfishness- The Bishop's Way.

As earlier reported, the JOGSOBA 90/95 set embarked on the distribution of 10,000 free exercise books last week. It was an exciting experience, but one major disappointment was recorded. During the distribution exercise, the Financial Secretary of the JOGSOBA National Body arrived and immediately demanded to know what was happening. We told him what the exercise was about, but his response shocked us all. According to him, we shouldn’t have embarked on the exercise because the National Body had spent about 1 million naira on the printing of exercise books which were meant to be sold to the students!

His utterance really annoyed us, but because we were properly brought up, we decided to let the 73-year-old Anglican Bishop be. Days after the exercise, I reflected over the Bishop’s statement and my anger turned to sadness. Without doubt, he must have benefited from Pa Obafemi Awolowo’s ‘Free Education’ programme. I am so sure that he is one of the millions of Nigerians who complain about the pitiable state of the country’s educational system. As a Bishop, I am certain that he preaches against selfishness, and admonishes his congregation to ‘follow the way of the Lord’. He drives a brand new Hyundai Accent- a pointer to the fact that his children are successful in their own ways.

Yet, he placed the cost of books to be sold over the joy of the students he is meant to better their lot. For me, the word ‘selfishness’ was best explained by the Bishop’s action.

My secondary school is just one of the tens of thousands of schools in Nigeria. The Bishop in question is not a politician, and I know for a fact that he blames the politicians for the country’s predicament. Isn’t it ironic that those who complain about the state of this country are the ones messing things up? Why is it easy for us to remember God when castigating others, but forget Him when we are at fault? If those books had been taken to his church, would the Bishop have said the same thing?

Nigeria has a long way to go, not because some of the politicians are insincere, but because those who have been entrusted with managing the smaller but functional facets of human and national life are nothing but selfish, insensitive and hypocritical humans! I am very sure that Nigeria shall be great again, and all those who call the name of the Lord in vain shall never live to see the new Nigeria. For those who have genuine love for improving the lives of others, here’s my advice: don’t be discouraged by what people say, think or do. No matter how meagre your action may be, do it. When that is done and God blesses it, you shall do greater things.

The younger generation of Nigerians has a lot to offer this country, and we don’t have to occupy political positions to drive home our point. Let’s start from the streets, schools, prisons, charity organisations and pressure groups. That way, we can render the likes of Bishop redundant, and take over the foundation of greatness. It will not be an easy task, but if we don’t take up the challenge, then the likes of Bishop will keep milking our smaller but functional society dry in the name of running a non-profitable organization.

I am very angry, but I rest my case.

Friday, September 24, 2010

JOGSOBA 90/95 10,000 Exercise Books Project

On Wednesday, September 22, the students of Ijebu Ode Grammar School witnessed an unforgettable gesture by the 90/95 set of the Old Boys’ Association. The JOGSOBA 90/95 set- my set- distributed 10,000 exercise books to the students who just resumed for the new academic session. Some members of the association made out time to distribute the books, and the students, parents and teachers were so thrilled. Here are some photos from the event:

The Principal of the Senior school

Ladi Ibikunle in a chat with the principal

Members of the JOGSOBA 90/95 set- Azeez, Yemi and Ahmed

Abolore and Yemi Tella

10,000 exercise books!

The distribution commences

Adebowale adegun

Tosin Ojuri

Members with 'Iya No Gura'

Yours faithfully, me.

The members

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Team Bonding by Gold Team 5

Last week, my colleagues went for their team bonding at the exquisite Elegushi Private Beach in Victoria Island- where they had loads of fun and an unforgettable experience in traffic. Here are some photos from the event.
Francis (Up Blues!)

Gold Team 5

Stone and Omoh
Demola and Charman
Chinyere and Stone

Oga Seyi

Cake by Creamy Delight

Helen and Ahmed

Nice pose!
Dupe, Bolanle and Chizoba

Mercy and Francis