Thursday, May 31, 2012

Universal Music Group Signs Psquare

It's official! The talented duo of Peter and Paul have gone universal. The duo, popularly known as Psquare, penned a deal with Universal Records in South Africa, and an excited Peter quickly went on twitter to make an announcement.
I knew the private jet thingy was more than just a performance in South Africa! Congrats guys!

Fashola Recalls Sacked Doctors

Lagos State governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola, has recalled the 788 doctors sacked by the state government earlier this month for embarking on industrial strike.
The doctors had gone on strike to protest against the state government's unwillingness to abide by the agreement signed by both parties towards the end of Fashola's first term in office.
Fashola had promised to recall the doctors if advised to do so, and he kept his word after eminent citizens intervened in the imbroglio.
All is well that ends well. 

Same Age Celebrities

They are celebrities who share the same birth year. However, nature - and every other factor you can imagine- have treated them differently over the years.
 Dianna Agron and Lindsay Lohan - 26 years
 Robert Downey Jr. and Charlie Sheen - 47 years
 Keanu Reaves and Steve Hofmeyr - 48 years
 Kristin Davies and Sarah Jessica Parker - 47 years
Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna - 54 years

Kidnapped German Dies in A Botched Rescue Operation

A German, Raufach Edgar, who was kidnapped in Kano on January this year has been killed by his captors Thursday morning before he could be rescued by men of the JTF. The raid is still ongoing and sporadic shootings are still being heard by residents who are all trapped within their homes and unable to go to work. A military helicopter is also still hovering overhead, providing aerial support to the forces on the ground.
Edgar until his kidnap was working with Dantata and Sawoe construction company. He was abducted  by two gun men around 8 am on January 26 along the Zaria – Kano expressway were his company is located. 
-The Vanguard

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Photo Got Me Thinking

Minutes after President Goodluck Jonathan announced that University of Lagos (UNILAG) has been renamed Moshood Abiola University of Lagos (MAUL), students of the university have taken to the streets in protest since yesterday; an action that has gone too far - in my opinion. I am sure the late businessman and politician must be turning in his grave in confusion, and probably assume that the popularity he enjoyed while alive was fake. Sorry Bashorun, I'm sure the students do not hate you but they just believe that the FG could have taken a better decision as regards immortalizing you. Anyway, that's not the reason for this post.
Here's the reason for this post:

Seriously, can you see what is wrong with the photo? "Unilag 4live"??? And this was proudly displayed by undergraduates - the supposed leaders of tomorrow; the supposed intelligent students according to the almighty JAMB?
I'm seriously worried about the country's dwindling fortune in education - and nobody should blame BlackBerry and other social media networks for that . BB pings, tweets and Facebook posts can be written in simple and correct English!
The truth of the matter is that our educational institutions are just producing more 'paper graduates' year in, year out. Things may look alright now, but I have my fears. The handwriting is already on the wall in the private sector, and it's only a matter of time before we all realize that being a factory reject and a Nigerian graduate have something in common- a flawed process. It is my sincere prayer that things do not get to that stage.
But for now, it's Unilag 4live oooooooo. Sorry, Maulagites 4live!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Taylor Bags 50-year Jail Sentence

Liberia’s Charles Taylor sentenced to 50 years for Sierra Leone war crimes. A UN-backed war crimes court has sentenced former Liberian president Charles Taylor to 50 years in prison Wednesday for arming Sierra Leone rebels in return for “blood diamonds”.
“The trial chamber unanimously sentences you to a single term of imprisonment for 50 years on all counts,” said Special Court for Sierra Leone judge Richard Lussick at the court based just outside The Hague.
“The accused has been found responsible for aiding and abetting some of the most heinous crimes in human history,” said Lussick.
Taylor, 64, dressed in a smart dark suit, white shirt and golden tie, listened with his eyes closed and a drawn face as the judge handed down the sentence, which Taylor can appeal.
The former president was convicted on April 26 on all 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for aiding and abetting Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front (RUF) during the country’s 1991-2001 civil war.
In return, the court said, Taylor was paid in diamonds mined by slave labour in areas under control of rebels who murdered, raped and kept sex slaves while hacking off limbs and forcing children under 15 to fight.
_ The Vanguard

Funke Akindele's Wedding: Much Ado About Her Happiness

That popular actress, Funke Akindele is married is no longer news. It is also not surprising that her wedding attracted all the media frenzy it could. However, the manner with which people condemned her choice of husband was - and is still- shocking to me. Many people were of the opinion that she could have settled down with a better man, and I kept asking them to define ' a better man'. So far, I am yet to get a satisfactory answer. 
In the first place, none of us is Funke Akindele - so we are not in the best position to fully understand her happiness and challenges. We don't even have the right to define what is perfect for her, because everybody has the right to define 'perfection' anyway they want.
If the fans really care about her happiness, then they should pray for her to experience marital bliss. Afterall, we have seen perfect couples break up, and the ones that seem not to know what they wanted have lived on happily ever after as husband and wife.
I sincerely believe that the criticisms that greeted her marriage will make the couple work hard to shame the critics. But whatever happens, what Jenifa needs at this point is a show of love and lots of support. I am truly happy for her, and wish Mr. and Mrs. Almaroof a happy married life.

Sele Eradiri Pases On

Ace broadcaster and my favourite Newsline anchor, Sele Eradiri is dead. The 57-year-old broadcaster died at the Lagos University Teach Hospital, LUTH, in the early hours of May 29.
May her soul rest in peace.

Friday, May 25, 2012

George Clooney is Sexiest Man 'Over 50'

They are rich, at least 50 years old, and according to, very sexy. Here are the world's 'over 50' sexiest men:
George Clooney - Actor, 51

Antonio Banderas - Actor, 51

Denzel Washington - Actor, 51

Jon Bon Jovi - Rockstar, 50

Samuel L. Jackson - Actor, 63

Yo-Yo Ma - Cellist, 56

Mario Van Peebles - Actor and Director, 55

Liam Neeson - Actor, 60

Brian Williams - NBC News Anchor, 53

Viggo Montersen - Actor, 53

Before you steal.......

Earlier this week, I read Linda Ikeji’s story about how her phone was stolen at The Palms and couldn’t help wondering why our moral values have degenerated to such a pitiable level. As much as I agree that the shameless display of wealth by the rich Nigerians can be very tempting, I do not think it’s enough excuse for us to resort to stealing and abusing trust because we want to be ‘up there’.
While many people blame unemployment, government policies and other societal factors for their actions, I still believe that every individual can decide to be whatever he/she chooses to become. My dad had a big bar which I managed for at least 5 years, but I still don’t drink. I had access to free beer and every excuse I needed but chose not to drink. So, as much as the societal factors play a role in shaping our decisions, the final decision will always rest on us as individuals.
A few weeks ago, a security guard in my office stole a very useless phone. When questioned, she said she did it because her colleagues who committed similar offences got away with it. A few days later, another one was caught on camera as he made away with 4 laptops. Both of them were sacked and handed over to the police. Ironically, these people were meant to prevent criminality in the office! So, they lost their job and trust in people.
If the excuse is that security guards are poorly paid, what about bankers who mastermind robbery attacks?
I’ve always said that Nigeria is not as bad as people are painting it. No doubt, things are in a mess, but that is not enough reason for us to drag our name in the mud. Honesty and integrity may not translate to immediate prosperity but they always bring in the desired wealth in the long run. All we need to is have patience.
You can dream of the millions, the fancy houses, luxury houses and designer clothes; but don’t despise your humble beginning. Whatever we steal will be exhausted someday but the victim will certainly move on to greater heights – except karma is playing itself out.
My friend’s car was stolen and when I visited him, I met him having fun with his other friends. He was in a good mood and acted like nothing happened. One his friends joked about the incident and referred to my friend as a big boy – and he’s a big boy for real. But check out my friend’s response:
“Before you start rating me as a ‘Big Boy’, remember this: there was a time in my life when I had nothing but hope. There was a time I was at the crossroad of life, but I chose my path carefully. I’ve worked hard for every kobo I have and I am sure that nobody will eat the fruit of my labour in peace, without my consent”
The car was found a few days later, and the robbers arrested.
No matter what life is throwing at you now, please don’t do what you cannot defend. In the words of my late mum “remember the son of whom you are”.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ex-Zambian Minister Buries $420 million on His Farm

A court in Zambia convicted a former minister for illegally siphoning off 2.1 billion kwacha (420 million dollars) and burying the cash on his farm, state radio reported on Thursday. Former labour minister Austin Liato was arrested in December last year after the discovery of two buried trunks filled with money under a layer of concrete.
Magistra Aridah Chulu sentenced Liato to two years imprisonment with hard labour. This is the first high-profile graft conviction under President Michael Sata, who was elected in September with pledges to crack down on corruption in Africa’s top copper producer.
His government is probing several deals approved by the government of his predecessor, President Rupiah Banda. 
$420 million buried underground????????? African leaders and greed!!!!!

Isaac and Nneka Moses Show off Baby Girl

The showbiz couple waited for 14 years before having their first child in February. I hope other Nigerian 'divas'emulate this lovely couple.

P-Square Hits South Africa in A Private Jet

Now, this is what I call "living the life". The high-flying musical duo flew to South Africa in a private jet, and will be having a show in Johannesburg tomorrow. Ride on, guys!

Timaya Bonds with Daughter. Nice!

Sorry Linda Ikeji, but I had to steal this! Timaya, please continue this way. PLEASE!

Photos From the 2012 BillBoard Awards

 Tyle Burrel and Julie Bowen
Katy Perry 
 John Legend and fiancee, Chrissy Teigen
 Justin Bieber
 Miley Cyrus
 Julianne Hough
Taylor Swift

Didier Drogba Carries the Olympic Torch

One of Chelsea FC's greatest players ever, Didier Drogba is leaving the London with a bang - and he really deserves to carry the Olympic torch. He was practically mobbed by fans and admirers, and that really makes  a proud African. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

President Obasanjo Speaks on Corruption

“Integrity is necessary for systems and institutions to be strong. Today, rogues, armed robbers are in the state Houses of Assembly and the National Assembly. What sort of laws will they make?
“The judiciary is also corrupt. During my tenure, many of the corrupt judges were removed, some are still there.
“If the Judiciary becomes corrupt, where is the hope for the nation? Justice, no doubt, will go to the highest bidder. The judiciary did not see anything wrong with a former governor but the same set of evidence was used to sentence him in the United Kingdom.
“The police are even worse. Well, I will not lament; I will only say, ‘let us understand our problems and emphasise the good ones.”

-ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo speaking at a conference titled: “Strong Systems: Necessity for Building a Virile Nation.”

Hmmmmm....... It's funny how we are quick to condemn what we once defended!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Usher Breaks Down in Court Over Allegations

Usher Raymond is locked in a child custody battle with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, and the singer broke down in tears in an Atlanta court today when Tameka's attorney insinuated that the R&B singer would rather party than take care of his children. 
Usher was on the stand for hours, and during the questioning, Tameka's lawyer brought out photos of the singer partying in Europe in February. The 33-year-old Grammy-winning singer is fighting for more custody with his kids, but her ex-wife's lawyer didn't make it easy for him today.
Usher was also grilled about his alleged drug use. The singer admitted to smoking pot in the past, but when the subject turned to his alleged ecstasy use, his lawyer objected. Usher insisted he never used drugs in front of the children - an allegation Tameka made early in their custody fight - but hedged on the subject of seeing his children while under the influence.

The trial will continue tomorrow.

Monday, May 21, 2012