Saturday, July 31, 2010

Entertainment Gist

This is Ridiculous!

Since Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) won the national award, questions have been asked as to why his movie twin, Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) was ignored. Recently, I read a most laughable reason an anonymous woman gave. According to her, Osita snubbed her wealthy and well-connected husband, and that robbed him of the chance of meeting with one of the governors.

Haba! Which kin ridiculous story be dat? Granted that the incident could have truly happened, what makes ‘Madam Anonymous’ think that’s the reason the Pawpaw was not honoured? Abegiii!

Emeka Ike Banned

Gulder Ultimate Search winner and one of Nollywood’s notable faces, Emeka Ike, has been banned by the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for his involvement in anti-guild activities. Emeka Ike has been accused of threatening the AGN members with thugs, especially in Anambra State. The actor, whose ban is indefinite, has also been removed as the VP of the South East zone of the Guild.

Basket Mouth’s alleged Infidelity Upsets Wife

One of Nigeria’s most accomplished comedians, Bright Okpocha, popularly called Basket Mouth, is currently at loggerheads with his fiancĂ©e, Elsie Uzoma, over allegations of infidelity. Elsie, who currently has a child for the ace comedian, has been uncomfortable with tales of her man’s escapades, with the latest one being his affair with Ifeoma Okeke, a Nollywood actress- an allegation the actress has vehemently denied.

DMX Goes Back to Jail

Rapper DMX has turned himself in and is currently serving time for a reckless driving charge he got in 2002. The rapper just finished serving a 4-month jail term for violating probation by assaulting an officer with a food tray while serving time for drug, theft and animal abuse last year. The 4-month jail ended on July 6, while the current jail term is for 90 days.

Enjoy your time, X- again.

Friday, July 30, 2010

MTN New Value Propositions Launch

On July 29, MTN Nigeria, a leading GSM company in the country, launched its new range of improved prepaid tafiff plans- The Links. The event, which took place at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, lived up to its A-list status and further emphasized how much MTN enriches lives. I had fun at the event, and enjoyed every bit of Alli Baba's jokes. He really lived up to his iconic status last night. It was fun seeing some of the celebrities, but more appreciative is the fact they were all humble- all of them except one who is a wannabe celebrity anyway. Please enjoy some of the photos:
Putting things in place

Some representatives of the Customer Relations division

Idoko Ogala, MTN staff and a Y'ello Star winner

Artistes perfecting their acts

So much Y'ello brightness

Rotimi Akinbola

....with Deji Falope (L) MTN Top 10 presenter


Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) signing on an MTN Manager's sleeve

....with Tony Umez

Tony Umez and an MTN Brand Ambassador

.....with Nkem Owoh

Nkem Owoh and fans

.....with MTN Project Fame contestants- Anis (left) and Tomiwa

Obinna doing it the Y'ello way.

....with Ayo Animashaun (Hip Hop World) the official product launch

Big Boy's B'day

Because our wedding anniversary falls in the month of July, and Big Boy is always 6 months older in the same month, we always mark it for him with a family get-together. So, on July 28, when he added another 6 months, we decided to eat out. Here are some of the photos:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ignoring the Future

My dad married a second wife when I was in SS2, and that marked the beginning of the usual scuffle in polygamous homes. Being the first child, it was natural that I defended my mum against ‘the plot of the intruder’, but I did not. Because dad was the one paying my tuition fees, and he intended to do it as long as I wanted him to, I was careful not to jeopardize my opportunity to get qualitative education, and made my mum understand that things would straighten themselves out. Then, I had to ignore the happenings around me, and this led to a slight friction between my mum and I. The present was not too pleasant then, but my eyes were set on the future.

My mum died 4 years ago, the ‘intruder’ is still alive and very much my step mum. Like me, my siblings are all graduates, while my half siblings are still in secondary school. We chose the future over the present, and we did not regret it.

Like me, many of us are faced with challenges that are not ours, but feel obliged to handle them at the detriment of our future. As much as we feel concerned and believe there’s a need to take action, we should be diplomatic in our dealings. My parents were living their lives, and there was no reason for me to be too involved. They had the choice of getting a divorce, but since they chose to ignore that, I didn’t see any reason for me to be too involved in what was clearly not my fight. It may sound selfish, but it worked in my favour. As time went on, they sorted themselves out and we also moved on. You do not have to sacrifice your future because of the present that’s hardly your business. Instead, see the happenings as a movie to learn from, and apply the lessons learnt to your personal life.

Many people in my generation experienced rough childhood as a result of broken homes, parental neglect and marital incompatibility- and the choices we made then determined what most turned out to become today.

There’s time for everything, and it is important that we don’t misappropriate our time so that posterity does not laugh at us eventually. Mum may have passed on, but her importance grows everyday because God has blessed us with the resources to ensure that her importance never diminishes. We could have chosen to throw caution to the wind and dealt with dad and step mum back then, but we were sensible to understand that success is the best weapon to deal with some issues- and that’s what we chose to do.

We do not have to go wrong in the name of fighting for our right.

Monday, July 26, 2010

JOGSOBA '95 July Meeting in Photos

On Sunday, July 25, the 1990/1995 set of the Ijebu Ode Grammar School Old Boys' Association (JOGSOBA) held its July meeting at the classy Kingsize Place in Ikeja. Below are photos taken at the event. I'm one of the members of the JOGSOBA 90/95 set. Enjoy:

Friday, July 23, 2010

LASTMA- And Other Law Breakers

On Wednesday, July 21, I was driving to the office with a couple of my colleagues in the car. It was well past 10am, traffic was light and driving was fun. But shortly after descending the Oshodi Oke Bridge, the vehicle in front me suddenly stopped and tried I as could, I ended up hitting the bumper lightly. I knew I was not at fault in any way, and the owner of the vehicle knew it too. The sudden collision was caused by the officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), who in their bid to arrest a commercial bus, stopped on motion without observing any of the traffic rules.

But that’s not even the gist. The gist is that as soon as they realized the result of their action, they sped off! I was livid with anger, and together with the car I hit, gave them a chase. We caught up with them just as they were about to veer towards Airport Road and all hell was let loose. For about ten minutes, we gave them the insults of their lives, and caused a long line of traffic. So many people parked and joined in the fray. A gentleman was particularly angry because my car narrowly escaped being crushed by a trailer, and he really took the issue personal. At the end of it all, the LASTMA officials apologized profusely to me and the gentleman whose 2008 Toyota Camry bumper I dented. They checked my car to make sure nothing was wrong it, and with further plea from the owner of the Camry, were let off the hook.

Later in the day when I reflected on the incident, I asked myself a few questions:

First, the LASTMA officials had no business with the bus driver because they were apparently heading somewhere else, and the bus driver didn’t obstruct traffic. So, was the action taken in public interest or out of selfishness?

Secondly, the enforcers of the law flouted the law but were not responsible enough to face the consequence of their actions. How do I expect such people to protect my interest in a critical situation?

If I were responsible for the collision and the LASTMA officials had arrested me, would I have been let off the hook so easily?

When are the men of the law ever going to realize that the law is meant to be obeyed by everybody?

Every so-called enforcer of the law is messed up in this country- and the Nigerian Police tops the list. Our policemen will salute well-known criminals or fraudsters, but arrest innocent people over trivial issues. The Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) officials take pleasure in enriching themselves under the guise of enforcing discipline. The LASTMA officials are best described as uniformed touts, and they never fail to display their inherent notoriety. The more powerful security outfits (army, navy and air force) take joy in going against the law and beating up anybody who tries to correct them.

Our politicians are not bothered because they enjoy immunity, and the ones who are genuinely concerned are so few and far-between. The citizens are at the mercy of the ignorant law-enforcers, and because they have nowhere to run to, have to submit to the largely unreasonable demands of the law enforcers.

I shake my head in pity for the law enforcers because what happened two days ago clearly showed that Nigerians are really tired of being pushed around, and it’s only a matter of time before we all decide to take our destiny in our hands.

So, to all law breakers who pretend to be law enforcers, your cup is almost full.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Entertainment Gist

Aki Bags MFR

Diminutive Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedezie, popularly called, Aki, has been listed as one of the recipients of the 2009 National Hounours Award. The actor, who is usually cast alongside Osita Iheme (Pawpaw), is a graduate of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu, and has starred in countless Nollywood movies. He’s also a brand ambassador for some Nigerian products. He will be conferred with the award of the Member of the Federal Republic (MFR).

Congrats, Aki. You have proved to everybody that attaining success is not a function of size.

Chidi Ikedieze (MFR)

Sammie Okposo Arrested

Recently married gospel singer, Sammie Okposo, was recently arrested in Granite City, Scotland for making racial remarks. The singer who is on honeymoon with his wife, felt dissatisfied with the manner of service he was offered in a restaurant he patronized, and in a show of anger, uttered racist remarks. He denied the charges and was released on bail, but will be back in Aberdeen for court proceedings in September.

Bros, easy oooo. Those guys get law and they respect it.

Pray to God Wellu Wellu

Kelly Hansome Has Not Signed Any Contract with Kennis Music

Kennis Music has clarified that although Kelly Hansome, one of its ex-acts, has apologized and reconciliation moves have been brokered, the musician is yet to sign any deal with the music label. Kelly Hansome shot to limelight with his ‘Maga don Pay’ single which was released on Kennis Music label. However, the musician parted ways with the label in an unpleasant circumstance and has since taken swipes at the Mo’ Hits crew, Chocolate City boys (M.I and co), Terry G, and Kennis Music.

Kenny Ogungbe, the CEO of Kennis Music said in a recent interview that the label does not promote hate songs, and as such not the one promoting Kelly Hansome’s diss tracks.

Maga no pay again?

Uche Iwuji Calls off Engagement

Nollywood actress, Nolly Iwuji, has called off her engagement ceremony. The actress who was once romantically involved with Super Eagles’ Joseph Yobo, allegedly called off the ceremony because the man involved is not financially capable! What was she thinking when they were dating? Some people sef!

Is anybody surprised? I’m not.

marriage no be by force