Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farouk Lawan: Three Policemen Detained

Ag. IGP, M.D Abubakar

Three policemen consisting of a superintendent and corporals have been detained for allegedly allowing the suspended Chairman of the House of Representtaive Ad hoc Committee on fuel Subsidy Regime, Mr. Farouk Lawan to go home at night while in detention.
It was learnt on Monday that investigators suspected that Lawan did not spend Thursday and Friday nights in police custody.
He was allegedly taken to his Apo residence at night and returned to custody very early in the morning, in violation of custodial rules and regulations.
However, another source said the policemen merely allowed the lawmaker to go home to refresh and take his bath in the mornings of Friday and Saturday.
- The Punch

This only goes to show how sick this country is. A petty thief would have been beaten silly all night for 'committing a heinous crime'. Anyway, I told my friends that the police will most certainly bungle this case again- and I still stand by my prediction.

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