Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogging and People's Happiness.

A few weeks ago, a friend called to find out how my blog has been generating traffic and I smiled. I told him I'm not doing anything special because I'm not blogging for money. I just blog, put the links on Facebook and twitter and move on to other things. 
He smiled and said he had a piece of advice for me: I should report more juicy stories. I asked him what makes a story juicy, and he said "controversy". So I asked: why isn't controversy working for you? 
Although it's an obvious fact that bad news and controversies sell faster, I'd rather stick to my style of reporting. The traffic may not be much and it may not be financially rewarding, but that's not the reason I started blogging in the first place. 
For me, blogging is fun and a way of expressing myself. But then, I will not ruin other people's fun in the name of having fun. So, whenever some popular stories don't appear on my blog, it's not because I'm out of touch, but because maybe the only way I can enhance people's happiness is by refraining from talking about their troubles.
This is my position, and it will remain like that for as long as I blog. 

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