Sunday, March 11, 2012

Susan Peters Attack on Linda Ikeji- My Opinion

The photo that started it all

Linda Ikeji is a blogger I respect, and I always read her blog. When I saw the story about Susan Peters posing with her BB porsche, I just had the feeling that something would happen later. But then, I didn't expect her reaction to be this volatile. I think Susan Peters needs to understand the fact that the reason her affairs are regarded as news is because she's a celebrity. I also believe that as much as she has a right to her opinions, she must also be mindful of how she expresses them. If she needs to be angry with anyone, it should be the Nigerian Films website. Linda only congratulated her, and there really was no malice to it. 
By the way, I also read that Femi Adebayo's BB porsche was stolen last week. Nobody knew he had one cos he never posed for the cameras with it. 
Susan Peters wanted news and got one. What's the ranting about?  You can read the entire story on Linda Ikeji's blog (

By the way, Linda has apologized- and I am not talking about that. Lolz.

And the controversial apology...

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  1. very very very very unimportant,frm d fone to d owner to d news,mtweeeeeeeeeu....