Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nigeria Vs. South Africa - My Questions

Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba - one of the deported Nigerians

In the last few days, the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa has been strained because of a diplomatic face-off. On March 2, 2012, the South African authorities deported 125 Nigerians for allegedly possessing fake yellow fever vaccine certificates. The action irked the Nigerian government and generated a public uproar in the country. The government demanded an unreserved apology from the South African government for the ill-treatment, but the SA government didn't budge. As a way of showing that it means business, the Nigerian government has deported 123 South Africans between Monday, March 5, and today!
While many Nigerians have hailed the government for 'acting appropriately' and have even urged the government to withdraw the operating licence of South African companies in Nigeria, my questions are still begging for answers: 

"Would the Nigerian government have reacted in this manner if a serving Senator wasn't among those who were deported?"

"What is our government doing to ensure that Nigeria is struck off the 'Yellow Fever' list? I'm sure it is not all countries that are on that list."

Even if the South African government eventually apologises, it doesn't mean that the FG has recorded a major feat. It simply means that as usual, Nigerians' cries will only be heard when a 'strong person' is affected.
And that brings me to my last question: 

"When will the FG stop playing to the gallery?"

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  1. Well, they may not have reacted but then they did and we should encourage a good act no matter who the engineer is. On the yellow card thing ,Minister of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Nigeria has been yanked off that list so I really don't know why we are still being asked to present it at their airport! Well, our Nigeria, our country is facing a very different era with this uproar on social media so let's hope for a change and a better one at that cos it will happen!!!