Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hon.Patrick Obahiagbon on Pa Enahoro's Death

I saw this on nairaland, and fell off the chair laughing! Hon.Patrick Obahiagbon is a member of the National Assembly, who has become very popular because of his 'grammatical vuvuzela'. Please read his 'tribute' to late Pa Anthony Enahoro:

Certainly the fall of another titan.
Chief Anthony Enahoro's modus vivendi, whilst he peregrinated through this will-o-the-wisp of a three dimensional world, resonated with a divine halo of an iconic personage who was propelled by the PIRKEAVOTHIAN apothegm which urges man to realize "that the day is short and the work is great, " No wonder that from a very young age, he engaged in self abnegation and mortification of the flesh in a spartan, clinical and cerebral bid to salvage the Nigerian project even at the expense of his health infrastructure.He ceaselessly fulminated against vagabonds in power whose primus mobile had philistinic anchorage on a depreciably mindless crave for vacuous hedonism and ingratiating political megalomania. He must have been viscerally pained to note while he was at the departure lounge, that the ship of the Nigerian State was still nosediving and sliding into an eschewable oxbow lake and cataract and he must finally have wondered if the zoning debate currently going on is not another egregious insult by our elitist political class on the pauperized,sissfied and ossified sensibilities and sensitivities of our lumpen proletariat. The only way we can honour this great man who gave his all for Nigeria is for all progressive forces to extricate themselves from the arms of morpheus, with a view to continously dymistify,explode and pulverize the machivellian,mephistophelian,primitively accumulative and rabidly sybaritic propensities of our political class be it at the level of executive suzerainty or parliamentary olympian aloofness.

Adieu Pa Anthony Enahoro!!

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