Friday, April 25, 2014

Cakes by Creamy Delight Cakes

 Throw pillow-themed cake
 Simply feminine
 40th birthday cake
 Yummy cupcakes
 Red velvet cupcakes
 Chocolate cake with buttercream decor
 Red velvet and chocolate marble cake
 Red velvet cake. Cake was ordered from Port Harcourt,Rivers state
 Kiddies' cake
 Chocolate cake
 Medicine-themed cake
Chocolate cupcakes
 Red velvet cake....fondant icing.....detailing
 Makeup-themed cake
 Juventus FC-themed picture cake
 Chelsea FC jersey
 Simple........ neat
 3-step wedding cake
 Minnie Mouse-themed cake
 'Polo Ralph'
 Engagement cake
 4-step wedding cake
 Chocolate cupcakes
 Still cupcakes
 3-step wedding cake
 Princess Ariel-themed cake
 Birthday cake
 3-step wedding cake
 Engagement cake
 Goofy-themed cake
 Minnie Mouse-themed cake
 Red velvet cupcakes
 Mickey Mouse-themed cake
 Picture cake
 Kiddies' cake
 Simple..... feminine
 Plain red velvet cake
 Sponge cake..... butter icing
 Chocolate cake,through and through
 Red velevt cake with buttercream decor
 kiddies' cake
 Easter celebration cake
 Soccer pitch-themed cake
 Adult birthday cake
 Another adult birthday cake
 Cupcakes with fondant decor
 Content; red velvet
 Fire truck-themed cake

 throw pillow-themed cake
 Figure 80 cake

 16" sponge cake
 Chocolate cake with chocolate ball toppings
 Kiddies cake
 Makeup-themed cake
Dentist-inspired cake

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  1. My fave baker,yummy and lovely cakes. Thumbs up as always.