Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Power of the Social Media - My Experience

Chika and I started as friends but have become siblings. She is a very wonderful lady with a gracious heart. She’s also troublesome and knows how to 'worry' me whenever the need arises.
Chika and I met  at a time I hated the Blackberry phone with a passion. In my opinion, the cake business was doing well and my colleagues formed a large base of my customers; so there was no need to go ‘pingocrazy’. In her usual manner, Chika didn’t push as we both communicated via Yahoo Messenger. Infact, chatting on Y! Messenger was fun and I wasn’t ready to go outside my comfort zone. I was also a big fan of Nokia phones and it was either Nokia or nothing - until Slot did ‘strong thing’ to me. Well, that’s a gist for another day.
After Slot messed me up a few times, I reluctantly decided to try a Blackberry phone, especially as I just got a new one as a gift. It was the entry of Blackberry phone into my social life that took my business to a whole new level. My business witnessed an unprecedented growth, and I saw a totally different Nigerian consumer.
In less than one month, I learnt that Nigerians are ever ready to trust a business person who is passionate about his/her business, irrespective of physical contact or not. Today, clients who barely know what I look like pay into my account before their cakes are delivered. Facebook and twitter became my sales outlets and my dear Blackberry phone and iPad became my office. These days,whenever I want to change my phone, I simply say that I want renovate my office. Lol.
What we do on the social media has a direct impact on our definition of success. I’ve heard people say that they prefer to live a fake life on the social media in order to confuse people, but I always laugh at them. I think such people are only using the social media to express what they would have been if people weren’t watching them. If you write bad English on social media platforms, it’s most likely that your English is poor. For me, human personality cannot be faked.
Loving the social media is one thing, but having a reason to be there is another. If your purpose of being on the social media isn’t productive, then you need to re-evaluate your purpose. I spend a lot of time on my phone because that’s how I market my brand and get deals in return.  What’s the point of having 500k followers on twitter if such follwership doesn’t make a positive and meaningful impact in your life?
By now, we all know how powerful the social media tools have become. But then, have we harnessed this power for our positive use? After burning several data bundle plans on twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube,google+ and the less popular ones, can we really boast of reaping more than we have sown?
For me, every kilobyte used has been more than justified, and I’m really grateful to the social media platforms for taking my business to the next level. Now,my customer service skill is superb, customer feedback rate is impressive,my integrity has been enhanced in a most amazing manner and I have also established wonderful relationships with people.
Anybody can be on the social media platforms but it takes an extra effort and wisdom to make your presence felt in positive ways,while enhancing your life has well.
And to Chika, thanks a lot. I still remember what I said when you asked me to join twitter. Lol. 

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