Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catching Up...............

It's been a while I blogged; I've being busy with work, cakes and fatherhood. Yes, fatherhood has been a very wonderful experience, and holding a life I jointly created always gives me an overwhelming feeling. I also read and experienced a whole lot in the last few weeks, and while most of these news/experiences have been pleasant, a few of them have left a sour taste in my mouth.
The policemen have used the okada ban in Lagos as an excuse to re-introduce checkpoints and harass innocent citizens. What is most annoying is their crude and uninformed manner of arresting okada riders. Not surprisingly, a number of deaths have been recorded against them, and neither the state government nor the Commissioner of Police is saying anything about it. 
On a lighter note, someone tweeted that Chelsea FC has not won any Premiership match since the okada ban, implying that okada riders make up the fanbase of Chelsea FC in Nigeria.
The issue of pastors and their private jets also gave me a disturbing thought. I know that many of us are dogmatic and 'over respect' the Men of God in this country, but I won't stop saying this: pastors owning private jets in the midst of poverty-stricken congregation is the highest level of hypocrisy. End of story!
What else happened sef? Yes, D'Banj dropped the audio and video of another single off his yet-to-be-released album. Personally, Bachelor - that's the song title- sounds sooooooo 'un-D'banj'. To make matters worse, the video did not do any better. In my honest opinion, D'Banj has done better in collabos this year.  Ehen, Tonto Dike also released 2 singles but I don't know if she has an album in the offing. The songs generated the worst review I've ever read but Tonto was not moved. That's the spirit, dearie.
Then there was the Presidential Media Chat. Emmmmm......... That's all about the chat.
There are many other issues that caught my attention in the last few weeks, but fatherhood beckons again. I need to rock my baby.

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