Monday, August 20, 2012

Clifford Orji's death: what manner of justice?

Clifford Orji, the alleged rirualist and cannibal who made news made waves back then, died in Kirikiri Maximum prison over the weekend. While that has become a stale news and some people are actually happy at the death of an 'evil man', I'm seriously troubled about the justice system in this country.
Clifford Orji was never tried in court until his death. He was in custody for over 13 years and nothing was done about his case. Why would a society that claims to be treading the path of sanity detain a human being for 13 years without trial? How many more people have died in silence as a result of this? 
Even if Clifford Orji was guilty of all charges, wouldn't it have been proper to sentence him to a jail term? After he was caught, stories went around that some powerful people in the society were his clients. Soon after, he was incarcerated and that was the end of the story.
James Ibori was discharged and acquitted in Nigeria but jailed in the UK; Erastus Akingbola's case was thrown out of court in Nigeria, but a UK court found him guilty of criminal charges. Yet, the Nigeria legal system is modelled after the UK's. So, what exactly are we doing wrong? I'm sure you all know the answer.
Corruption has legalised lawlessness in the country. Every story about the trial of the 'high and mighty' has become a case of 'old story, new characters'.
Many Nigerians are victims of police,army and even LASTMA brutality. A gentleman was buried last week after he died as a result of police brutality. Many Nigerians are in police custody for days, prisons are congested, and court cases take forever for the poor man; but the rich criminals walk about freely.
Clifford Orji died as an innocent man because the court never found him guilty; and I am sure that his blood will certainly be on the hands of those who denied him a fair trial.
In the meantime, where is Reverend King? He was sentenced to death by hanging but has since appealed. No news has been heard about the case since then, but I won't be surprised if he has been released already. That's Nigeria's justice system for you.

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